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Book Coaching by values

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This book is about values. It is about life values, work values, family values, and world values. It is also about value alignment. Author Simon Dolan extends the concepts presented in the best-selling Managing by Values, adding many innovations including a step-by-step methodology for diagnosing value congruence and tools for conducting real value reengineering (value alignment). Dolan argues that when people understand their values (regardless of how and why they have emerged), and analyze their relative importance and consequences, they can see more clearly how these values affect their daily lives. Extensive research shows that realignment of values ensures better congruence with goals and objectives—resulting in deeper inner satisfaction, which positively affects overall well-being, state of mind, performance, and general happiness. This is what the author calls “success in the life of business and the business of life.” The description is fresh and innovative, the methodology is clear, and the tools can be used by individuals, business professionals, families, organizations, and wellness and life coaches alike.


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Book Coaching by values

Book Coaching by values

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